Thank you for your interest in the Boon Burger – One of Canada’s fastest growing vegan restaurant restaurants! The following steps outline the path to opening your own Boon Burger location.

100% plant-based, Boon offers a Turnkey Franchise Solution. The process begins after you have filled out our online Franchise Interest Form – but please read the steps below, and our Franchise FAQ first.

Boon Franchise Number 1

Candidate Inquiry

  • Read all online material, including this page, and our Franchise FAQ
  • Complete online Franchise Interest Form
    • Are you a financially eligible partner? Minimum financial requirements are:
      • Cost to open your own Boon Burger will vary depending on size of location and design choices: $250,000 to $350,000
      • Liquid asset requirement: $30,000
Boon Franchise Number 2

Initial Franchise Interview

  • Once application has been received, candidate is contacted for a phone/video conference interview to discuss:
    • Completed Franchise Interest Form
    • Assess candidates goals
    • Assess business and entrepreneurial drive
    • Review opportunities with Boon
Boon Franchise Number 3

Due Diligence

  • If interview is successful, candidate is provided with detailed business data, and disclosure documents
  • Background, financial and reference checks are completed
  • If candidate has a location preference, this will be reviewed
  • Candidate must ensure they have access to the necessary funds needed to open their own location. Boon will provide a business plan, if necessary, to help secure financing.
Boon Franchise Number 5

Final Interview and Deposit

  • Candidate will have a final interview with senior staff to discuss any final questions.
  • At the end of the final interview, candidate signs franchise papers and submits a deposit.
  • Site selection and restaurant development begin
Boon Franchise Number 6

The Boon Experience Day

  • Candidate joins Boon staff at one of our locations to participate in a 1 or 2 day job and skills evaluation

Next Steps

If you have read our Franchise FAQ and the above Process, apply today!