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Hello and welcome to the Boon Burger Blog! My name is Dave and I will be your lifeline for all things Boon on the internet! I’ve been working at Boon for nearly three years, in that time I’ve made more burgers than I can count and in the coming months I’ll be bringing you updates about what’s going on here as well as news from the worlds of animal rights, health, and vegan culture.

This winter was a busy one for us with the unveiling of our new boon pizzas! We have four different types currently on rotation; Hawaiian, Mediterranean, Grilled Vegetable and Margherita(and of course if you like we’ll make you a plain-jane, Daiya-cheeze). All of our pies can be made on a gluten-free crust and can be ordered for delivery via or Mobile Maitre’d (Winnipeg only at the moment)


Just in time for spring we’ve decided to bring you a little taste of fall. The new Thanksgiving Poutine is available in both small and large sizes and features succulent, glazed yams, tangy Dijon, tart and tasty cranberry sauce and of course a pile of daiya cheeze and our home-made, veggie gravy. It’s awesome but even a small is huge so bring a friend or prepare to have leftovers.


Now that the weather has finally started to warm up it’s definitely optimal ice-cream eating weather and we’re still serving up our famous, coconut-milk soft serve in cups, cones, and 10 oz to-go bowls. No, gluten-intolerant ice-cream enthusiasts, we didn’t forget you. We also carry gluten-free cones (while quantities last)!


Boon Burger says a fond farewell to one of its oldest employees this month. Matthew Underhill, who has been with us since the outset and not only managed our Sherbrook location for a time but was an integral part of expanding boon to Barrie, Ontario last year, is leaving. We wish him all the best with his new job in the greenhouse!

I’ve got to get back to flipping burgers soon but I’ll leave you with some good news; The Ringling Bros. Circus(who have a not-the-greatest animal rights track record) recently announced that they will be phasing out the use of elephants by 2018. The shift in policy apparently stems from a long overdue shift in public opinion about the treatment of animals.