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  Well summer is in the air again(took it long enough) and in celebration of the fact that we no longer need three parkas and a dog team to leave the house, we’re making Sundaes! For $1.75 more, you can turn a bowl of our delicious, coconut-based soft serve into either a chocolate or strawberry Sundae. We even have two kinds of sprinkles! What’s more is that you can get your vegan ice cream fix a whole hour later than before! As of May 1st we’re...

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The Boon Blog is Here!

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Hello and welcome to the Boon Burger Blog! My name is Dave and I will be your lifeline for all things Boon on the internet! I’ve been working at Boon for nearly three years, in that time I’ve made more burgers than I can count and in the coming months I’ll be bringing you updates about what’s going on here as well as news from the worlds of animal rights, health, and vegan culture. This winter was a busy one for us with the unveiling of our new boon...

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