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Well summer is in the air again(took it long enough) and in celebration of the fact that we no longer need three parkas and a dog team to leave the house, we’re making Sundaes! For $1.75 more, you can turn a bowl of our delicious, coconut-based soft serve into either a chocolate or strawberry Sundae. We even have two kinds of sprinkles!

What’s more is that you can get your vegan ice cream fix a whole hour later than before! As of May 1st we’re staying open until 10 pm and we’ll keep it up all summer(or until mom tells us to go to bed).


 May is our Boon charity month and we’re proud to announce that this year we will be supporting Winnipeg’s largest cat rescue program, ‘Craig Street Cats’. For those of you who don’t know, CSC recently had some leasing issues with their building and were left scrambling for a place to go at the end of April. They did find a place to go but the new location still needs some work and they need to raise another $15000 before the end of May to make the move a success. Get involved here and find out more about CSC here.

In the news this week, the New York Times recently published a piece on Beyonce and Jay Z’s new plant based(vegan) food delivery service and I’m still trying to figure out what actual involvement they have in it. I’m going to start by saying that this is a great idea and a pretty big step towards providing people with cruelty-free alternatives to fast food but it’s really the brain-child of the couple’s self-described ‘life coach’, Marco Borges. TBH I’m a little skeptical of anything endorsed by a celebrity power couple but their hearts are in the right place and at least this idea won’t get half as annoying as ‘New York State of Mind’.

Just in case you’re convinced that the only way to be a vegan is to buy celebrity endorsed meals, here’s an article about a nine-year-old who’s been vegan his whole life. Until next time.