100% plant-based eating! Food at Boon is healthy, sustainable and tastes amazing!

Our Burgers

All burgers are served with a house made boon or chickun patty on a COBS whole wheat, seeded bun. patties are made fresh daily. Each patty is hand shaped & grilled to perfection. Ask your server about GF options.

Double your patties or sub a Beyond patty. Ask your server!

Make it a Meal!

Meal Deal #1

Burger OR Sandwich, and Fries OR Soup OR Salad & a House Drink.

Meal Deal #2

Burger OR Sandwich, and Poutine OR Chili & a House Drink.

Meal Deal #3

Burger OR Sandwich, and Loaded Poutine & a House Drink.

Boon Brats

All of our Boon Brats are served with a Beyond Meat bratwurst sausage on a COBS white bun.

Make any Boon Brat into a meal.

Backyard Brat

Mayo, ketchup, mustard, pickles & onion.

Chili Cheeze Brat

Guacamole, mustard, chili, cheeze & green onion.

Jack Brat

Bermuda mayo, pulled jack, coleslaw & green onion.

Southwest Brat

Ranch, buffalo BBQ sauce, BBQ corn chips, cheeze & onion.

Lil Boon Menu

For ages 12 and under. Have it your way! Choose your entrée and customize by adding any Boon toppings. Make any lil entrée into a meal deal!

Lil Burger

Served on a COBS whole wheat, seeded bun. Choose your patty: Boon OR Chickun

Lil Boon Dog

A perfectly grilled jumbo veggie dog in a white COBS bun.

Lil Quesadilla

A crispy whole wheat tortilla stuffed with melty cheeze. Served with a side of guacamole.

Lil Cheeze Peace-za

Marinara & cheeze baked on a thin 9” crust.

Lil Grilled Cheeze

Melty cheeze served between a COBS whole wheat, seeded bun & grilled to perfection.

Lil Chickun Nuggets

4 mini grilled chickun nuggets served with your choice of dipping sauce.



Iced Tea


Loose Leaf Tea